The Founders

About Act1

Meet the founders, whose years of experience and dedication led to the creation of Act1.

Meet the Founders

Born in 1961, Professor Dr. Peter Grieshofer is an expert in modern neurological rehabilitation. With more than 25 years’ professional experience, he has become a leading light in his home country of Austria and around the world. He has collaborated on a variety of cutting-edge projects in the field of health maintenance and restoration. Among these were collaborations at a specialist Austrian clinic which led to the development of advanced technologies to support physical rehabilitation after neurological, orthopaedic, or rheumatological illness.

These technologies include Amadeo, a mind-operated robotic device to help patients regain movement in their hands, which is used widely in hospitals around the world. Another device, named Lokomat, is a sort of exoskeleton designed to help patients learn to walk again after paralysis or other debilitating conditions. The innovations resulted in the clinic and Tyromotion – the organisation set up to develop the technologies – being awarded the State Prize.

A Partnership Forged of Wellness

Dr. Grieshofer has more than 25 years professional experience and is joined by his co-founder and wife, Dr. Dagmar Grieshofer. Her long medical career as an emergency physician in the air rescue service and general practitioner was built around a passion for the well-being of her patients. Having spent several years working in a rehabilitation and as a specialist in internal medicine, she understands the importance of prevention instead of cure.

With their shared exposure to healthcare environments, and the passing years of their careers, they came to the conclusion that there was little in the way of support for people of their generation to live healthy, vibrant lives.

From this realisation, and drawing on their own vast pools of expertise they developed a simple philosophy –that a long, vital life can be achieved through keeping active, nurturing our bodies, staying social, and lifelong learning. With this fundamental idea they believe we can all enjoy a healthy, happy life at any age, and they are both committed to offering the tools to make this accessible to anyone.

Welcome to Act1. Let’s get started.

About Act1

  • PDG GmbH – Am Eisernen, Tor 11/2, 8010 Graz, Austria
  • Founded January 2023
  • Products include nutritional supplements and cosmetics
  • Passionate about health and lifestyle education
  • 55+ Formula is a philosophy for living well, and a mark of recognition for products that align with the Act1 values
  • Act1 is about taking ownership of our well-being, at any age