About us


About Act1

An approach to living well at any age.

Filling a well-being gap

What sets Act1 apart from other cosmetic and nutrition brands is not the company itself, but our audience. They represent a growing population who, like us, are in a unique phase of life, blessed with special freedoms as well as decades of experience and wisdom.

Professional careers might be coming to an end, children may no longer be living at home. We can finally take everything we’ve learned, everything we’ve worked so hard for, and live for ourselves. This is our time – yet there is little out there to help us make the most of the lifetime that still lies ahead.

Our brand, then, is born out of necessity. It is a response to outdated notions around aging, and is the brainchild of our founders, Dr. Dagmar Grieshofer and Dr. Prof. Peter Grieshofer. When they reached this age and found themselves eager to start living their best lives, they saw a gap that needed to be filled, and an opportunity to give something back.

Their solution: Act1.

Drawing on their years of experience in healthcare and a passion for wellness, our founders set about researching what our bodies need to be healthy. The studied what our minds need to be happy and sharp. And they developed a way that any of us can proactively take ownership of our well-being.

They call it “active aging”. A lifestyle specifically tailored to the needs of the more mature individual, it encompasses nutrition, skincare, physical movement, a commitment to lifelong learning and an active social life. All based on a continuing exploration into the proven science of healthy living.

Together with scientists they developed cosmetic and nutritional products tailored to the more mature body, and an approach to life called 55+.

Act1 is the main event. It’s our turn to live. To thrive. To just be.